Sunday, 1 December 2013

It's launch day for Blood Guilt...again!

Just under two and a half years ago I self-published Blood Guilt. Now, over 120000 sales later, Head of Zeus's rebooted version finally hits the virtual shelves (the paperback is launched on the 5th of December). For those of you who've already read Blood Guilt, a huge thanks for helping me achieve something that had begun to feel like a pipe dream. For new readers - and fingers crossed there'll be a few - I hope you enjoy the novel.

Can you ever atone for killing someone?

'Last night, eight-year old Ethan Reed was abducted at gunpoint from his home by an armed intruder. We are urging members of the public to get in touch. A coordinated search of the local area will be carried out.'

Four years ago, Detective Inspector Harlan Miller killed someone. Now - divorced, alone, consumed by guilt - the world outside his prison walls holds little for him. Until, mere days after his release, an eight-year-old boy is abducted. Ethan Reed. The son of the man he killed.

Frustrated by a police search that finds nothing, driven to desperation by repeated appeals that bring in no new leads, Ethan's mother knocks on the door of the man she has reason to hate most in the world. She has one question to ask - beg - of Harlan Miller. Find her little boy. Do whatever it takes.

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