Thursday, 20 September 2018

Jack's Back!

Who Is She?, the second book in the Jack Anderson series is here! If suspense thrillers that grab you by the throat and don't let go until the very last page are your thing, then check out the blurb below and head over to Amazon to pick up your copy!

Her eyes pop open like someone surfacing from a nightmare. Shreds of moonlight glimmer through a woodland canopy. How did she get here? A thousand bells seem to be clanging in her ears. There is a strange, terrible smell. Both sweet and bitter. Like burnt meat. Her senses scream that something is very, very wrong. Then she sees it. A hole in the ground. Deep and rectangular. Like a grave…

After the death of his wife, Jack is starting to get his life back on track. But things are about to get complicated.

A woman lies in a hospital bed, clinging to life after being shot in the head. She claims to remember nothing, not even her own name. Who is she? That is the question Jack must answer. All he has to go on is a mysterious facial tattoo.

Damaged kindred spirits, Jack and the nameless woman quickly form a bond. But he can’t afford to fall for someone who might put his family at risk. People are dying. Their deaths appear to be connected to the woman. What if she isn’t really the victim? What if she’s just as bad as the ‘Unspeakable Monsters’ who put her in hospital?

Click on the image below to pick up your ebook or paperback copy from Amazon!


  1. Hello! How nice to see you, too, are on blogger. This way, I can tell you directly how much I enjoyed reading "Blood Guilt". I have just posted a review of it on my blog; you can find it here if you are interested, and of course you are very welcome to comment.

    1. Hi. Thanks for your lovely review! I only just noticed your comment. I don't check my blog as much as I should. I'm so glad you enjoyed Blood Guilt. As you point out, it was first self-published before being picked up by a traditional publisher. The paperbacks have long since disappeared from most bookshops, but a copy occasionally pops up - usually in The Works ;)
      All the best,

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