Friday, 26 January 2018

US Publication and the reinvention of the Steel City series.

As of January 2018, Head Of Zeus will be releasing my books in the US. To celebrate, the Steel City series has undergone something of a reinvention - updated covers, new blurbs etc. Most importantly, Blood Guilt will now be sold as a standalone - which in truth it always has been. Whilst Angel of Death, Justice for the Damned and Spider's Web will be sold as a trilogy under the new series title of The Missing Ones. Again, this makes sense as the three books tell one big story. Head Of Zeus are also releasing a trilogy box set at a bargain price - currently about half the price of purchasing each book separately. So do yourself a favour and grab all three at once. You won't regret it (I hope).

1993. A trip to the cinema turns into a nightmare for Anna Young and her little sister Jessica, when two men throw thirteen-year-old Jessica into the back of a van and speed away.

1997. Fifteen-year-old Grace Kirby kisses her mum goodbye and heads off to school. It’s a day like any other, except that Grace will never return home.

2012.Melinda (surname and age unknown) has been missing for weeks. The police would normally be all over it, but Melinda is a prostitute. Women in that line of work are the perfect victims. Most are runaways and drug addicts, leading transient existences. She probably just moved on.

Jessica, Grace and Melinda are not the only ones who have gone missing. There are others. Lots of them. On the surface, their disappearances don’t appear to be connected. But one man is convinced otherwise.

When DI Jim Monahan is called to a fatal shooting, he comes to realise the case is only part of a bigger picture – one that he becomes hell-bent on exposing to the world. But a shadowy ring of powerful people will do anything to prevent that from happening. Over the course of three books, Jim’s investigation leads him down a rabbit hole of murder, depravity and corruption that will test his faith in the law to breaking-point.

From the bestselling author of Blood Guilt and The Lost Ones, comes a hard-hitting trilogy that will have you questioning how far you would go to see justice done.

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