Thursday, 8 May 2014

Angel Of Death Is Here!

It’s been roughly five months since Head of Zeus published Blood Guilt. As wonderful as it is to see my debut novel reborn and on the shelves of WHSmith and Waterstones, this is the moment I’ve really been waiting for. Angel Of Death is the second book in the Steel City Thriller series. It’s a standalone novel, but also the beginning of a three-book story-arc. This time around the action centres on Harlan Miller’s ex-colleague, Jim Monahan – a world-weary detective torn between his duty to the law and his sympathy for the vengeful quest of a woman who’s been abused, raped and used throughout most of her life.

Releasing a new novel into the world is always a tense, exciting moment. I only hope you enjoy reading Angel Of Death as much as I did writing it. So anyway, here we go...

Would you break the law to see justice done?

In the quiet outskirts of Sheffield, the blackened bodies of a man and his wife are retrieved from a house fire. Their daughter and son are found, barely alive, outside their burning house. In the charred remains, the police find evidence of a sickening crime.

In Middlesbrough, a woman smears makeup over the worst of her bruises. The man who made them lies on the bed beside her, but he will never hurt anyone again. Now she has only one thing on her mind: revenge.

D.I. Jim Monahan believes he has found a lead in the case of a teenage girl who went missing years ago. And although the courts might not agree, Jim thinks this is all he needs to bring down a gang of vicious criminals...

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