Friday, 5 July 2013

The end of one road, the beginning of another.

It’s been a long time coming – more years (and rejection letters) than I care to remember – and there’s a little while to go yet. But come the end of this year – December 1st, to be precise – I’ll finally be able to consider myself a fully-fledged author. And here’s the proof in all its glory – the full jacket layout for the paperback edition of Blood Guilt, which I received this week from the wonderful people at my publisher Head of Zeus.

I think, and I hope you agree, that it’s a thing of beauty – subtle, moody and intriguing. A perfect window into the story. It’s great, too, to see my hometown, Sheffield, looming in the background.

For those of you who haven’t already heard of Head of Zeus, they are, in their own words, a small publishing house with big ambitions. Launched in the autumn of 2012 by Anthony Cheetham (no relation) and his son, Nicolas, Head of Zeus has already gathered an incredible pool of writers, from newcomers to literary heavyweights. It’s a real honour, and somewhat daunting, to find myself in such company.

And for those of you who enjoyed Blood Guilt, you’ll be glad to know there’s a follow up in the pipeline. Angel Of Death will be published as an e-book and paperback in early May 2014. More on that as the publication date nears...

Looking at the original cover I created for Blood Guilt, it's almost surreal to think how far things have come. It really is surreal to think back to when I first started writing fiction in the late nineties. Like I said, it's been a long time coming, but it's been well worth the wait.