Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Blood Guilt's First Review

Blood Guilt has recieved a great review from book blogger Sonia Porter on her blog Just a normal girl in London. Here's a taste of what she had to say, 'It wasn't the most beautifully written, literary book I have read...but this was a great page-turner with a unique premise and I zoomed through it in a couple of days as I really wanted to know what happened!' For me, Sonia hits the nail bang on its head. In writing Blood Guilt it was never my intention to reinvent the literary wheel. I simply wanted to write a story that would grip readers from start to finish. It's a huge thrill to know that someone as well-read as Sonia thinks I've achieved that goal.

You can read the review in full at:


  1. Awww, thanks. Am I well-read? i'm chuffed you think so :) x

  2. Glancing through your list of reviews I'd say you're extremely well-read by most peoples' standards, Sonia. Thanks again for the review.

  3. My first novel was an attempt at a page-turner with no literary pretensions, but never took off like yours! :-)