Thursday, 25 August 2011

My First Kindle Read: 'Killing Mum' by Alan Guthrie

Not sure where to start, so I'm going to dive straight in with a brief review of my first kindle read. I wanted something short to ease my eyes and brain into reading ebooks. At just 95 pages and £0.86 Killing Mum by Alan Guthrie seemed like the perfect fit.

Killing Mum

Set in Edinburgh this novella is short on length, but big on hits - quite literally. The story zips along like all good fiction should do, propelled by dialogue which is generally sharp and frequently witty. From the opening page, the reader is thrown right into the murky, slightly surreal world of Carlos, a burnt-out hitman who's in for one hell of a long night. I don't want to say too much for fear of spoiling the plot, but there are a couple of memorably brutal scenes, and the ending even managed to raise a spark of sympathy for Carlos - no mean feat considering what preceeded it. The characters are vividly drawn, although, other than Carlos, perhaps a little lacking in emotional depth. But then this story is all about the plot, and that builds to a satisfyingly bloody, blackly comic, almost Hitchcockian (think Norman Bates) climax. All in all then, definitely worth a look if you fancy a quick hit of action-packed Tartan Noir.

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